Hello world
TLD's that are not signed or where domain names can not be validated due to lack of DS records
aero. Unsigned
ae. Unsigned
ai. Unsigned
al. Unsigned
ao. Unsigned
aq. Unsigned
as. Unsigned
ax. Unsigned
az. Unsigned
ba. Unsigned
bb. Unsigned
bd. Unsigned
bf. Unsigned
bh. Unsigned
bi. Unsigned
bj. Unsigned
bm. Unsigned
bn. Unsigned
bo. Unsigned
bs. Unsigned
bt. Unsigned
bv. Unsigned
bw. Unsigned
cd. Unsigned
cf. Unsigned
cg. Unsigned
ci. Unsigned
ck. Unsigned
cm. Unsigned
coop. Signed
cu. Unsigned
cv. Unsigned
cw. Unsigned
cy. Unsigned
dj. Unsigned
dm. Unsigned
do. Unsigned
dz. Unsigned
ec. Unsigned
eg. Unsigned
er. Unsigned
et. Unsigned
fj. Unsigned
fk. Unsigned
fm. Unsigned
ga. Unsigned
gb. Unsigned
ge. Unsigned
gf. Unsigned
gg. Unsigned
gh. Unsigned
gm. Unsigned
gp. Unsigned
gq. Unsigned
gt. Unsigned
gu. Unsigned
gw. Signed
gy. Unsigned
hk. Unsigned
hm. Unsigned
ht. Unsigned
il. Signed
im. Unsigned
int. Unsigned
iq. Unsigned
ir. Unsigned
it. Unsigned
je. Unsigned
jm. Unsigned
jo. Unsigned
kh. Unsigned
km. Unsigned
kn. Unsigned
kp. Unsigned
kw. Unsigned
kz. Unsigned
lr. Signed
ls. Unsigned
ly. Unsigned
ma. Unsigned
mc. Unsigned
md. Unsigned
mg. Unsigned
mh. Unsigned
mk. Unsigned
ml. Unsigned
mobi. Unsigned
mo. Unsigned
mp. Unsigned
mq. Unsigned
mr. Unsigned
ms. Unsigned
mt. Unsigned
mu. Unsigned
mv. Unsigned
mw. Unsigned
mz. Unsigned
ne. Unsigned
ng. Unsigned
ni. Unsigned
np. Unsigned
nr. Unsigned
om. Unsigned
pa. Unsigned
pf. Unsigned
pg. Unsigned
ph. Unsigned
pk. Unsigned
pn. Unsigned
pro. Unsigned
ps. Unsigned
py. Unsigned
qa. Unsigned
ro. Unsigned
rs. Unsigned
rw. Unsigned
sa. Unsigned
sd. Unsigned
sg. Unsigned
sk. Unsigned
sl. Unsigned
sm. Unsigned
sn. Unsigned
so. Unsigned
sr. Unsigned
st. Unsigned
sv. Unsigned
sy. Unsigned
sz. Unsigned
tc. Unsigned
td. Unsigned
tel. Unsigned
tg. Unsigned
tj. Unsigned
tk. Unsigned
to. Unsigned
travel. Unsigned
tr. Unsigned
uz. Unsigned
va. Unsigned
vc. Signed
ve. Unsigned
vg. Unsigned
vi. Unsigned
vn. Unsigned
ws. Unsigned
xn--80ao21a. Unsigned
xn--90a3ac. Unsigned
xn--90ais. Signed
xn--clchc0ea0b2g2a9gcd. Unsigned
xn--d1alf. Unsigned
xn--fzc2c9e2c. Signed
xn--j1amh. Unsigned
xn--j6w193g. Unsigned
xn--lgbbat1ad8j. Unsigned
xn--mgb9awbf. Unsigned
xn--mgba3a4f16a. Unsigned
xn--mgbaam7a8h. Unsigned
xn--mgbayh7gpa. Unsigned
xn--mgbc0a9azcg. Unsigned
xn--mgberp4a5d4ar. Unsigned
xn--mgbpl2fh. Unsigned
xn--node. Unsigned
xn--ogbpf8fl. Unsigned
xn--wgbl6a. Unsigned
xn--xkc2al3hye2a. Signed
xn--yfro4i67o. Unsigned
xn--ygbi2ammx. Unsigned
ye. Unsigned
za. Unsigned
zw. Unsigned